12 Brain Cracking Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

12 Brain Cracking Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s been a while since we have been training our grey matter. So, in today’s episode, we’ll have a look at some riddles and puzzles that will make you think and improve your general knowledge. Let’s bounce!

1. In the children`s hospital kids adored playing with pretty teddy bears. Kids loved playing with them so much that they started taking them home. So how do you think the hospital management fixed this problem?

Answer: All the teddy bears got bandages and the kids were told that they should stay at the hospital to recover.

teddy bears got bandages

2. In 1445 people of Moscow thought that the end is here. All the church bells rang simultaneously making people believe in the apocalypse. And that wasn’t the only case.

It also happened in 1091 in Kiev and in 1802 in Moscow again. So, what do you think happened? What made those bells ring so hard people thought they all gonna die?

Answer: An Earthquake


3. Every day our planet gets heavier. About 60 tons heavier to be more precise. So, what are those 60 tons?

Answer: It’s the amount of space dust that settles down on the Earth every day.


4. Ok, it’s time to count a little bit. 66 is the combined age of father and son. Father`s age is the age of the son only the other way around.

father and son

So, if the father is 53, the son is 35. But that’s not right because it’s not 66 in total. Can you guys figure out how old they are?

Answers: 51 and 15, 42 and 24 and 60 and 6.

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5. In 1965 Pele got the gold medal from The Brazilian Ministry of Education for his autobiography book called “Pele”. So how do you think this book has affected education? Because it’s just an autobiography.

Answer: There are many people in Brazil that can’t read so thousands of people learned to readjust to be able to read Pele`s autobiography.

6. In 1997 Tabasco government officials decided to ban all kinds of beers to reduce increasing alcoholism in Mexico. But the people didn’t agree with such measures.

cheers beers

Actually, they were really mad about that policy and the government had to cancel their idea. But later the congress had another thought, they only banned a specific type of beer. So, what type of beer was it?

Answer: Those sly a**holes banned the distribution of cold beer.

7. Some tribes of Sub-Saharan Africa have an interesting practice. Before they go out hunting at night, they put insects into small pouches and then tie them to their feet. So, what do you think they do that for?

Answer: They do it to see the way. Insects thy put in those bags are fireflies. That must look pretty amazing.


8. The pen was put on the surface and a few people were asked to jump over it. But nobody seemed to be able to do that. Why?

writing pen Brain Cracking Riddles

Answer: They put the pen to the wall.

9. A special service agent had to find a way to get into a secret club without drawing attention. The only way to get inside was to walk past a huge security guy. To come inside everyone had to answer a question.

bodyguard Agent

So, the first guy that came to the door heard “12”. He replied “6” and came in. The second guy was told “6”. He replied “3” and was good to go. So, the agent thought it was quite easy and came to the door. So, when the security guy said “18” agent, full of confidence replied “9” and was immediately kicked out. Question: What did he do wrong?

Answer: Agent thought that he had to divide the number in two but in truth the answer was the amount of letters in those numbers. So, the answer is 8, not 9.

10. The summer has ended and so it was September. A traveler was trying to make his way thru the forest to see his dear sweetheart.

All of a sudden, he stumbled upon a lonely house in the woods. It was a witch’s house and she let him rest for a night. The next morning witch told the man that at one point thru his travels he is going to find a river with no bridge across it and that he will have to swim.

She gave him a wondrous cape saying that it will save him from drowning. One hundred days and night he walked until he found that river. But he didn’t really need the cape to come across it. The question is why he didn’t need the magic cape?

Answer: The man came to witches’ house in September. One hundred days from then means that the winter should be in a full swing by then and the river would freeze. So, no need for the cape.

11. A convict escaped from prison. One of the detectives caught a trail and was sure that the prisoner is hiding in one of those three houses. The detective had a look at the aerial photograph and could tell where he is hiding right away. What about you guys? Can you guess?

convict escaped from prison

Answer: The convict was in the house A as it was the only house where the car was pointed towards the street for a quick runaway.

12. Take a look at the picture and say what’s bigger A-B cylinder width or C-D cylinder height?

cylinder picture

Answer: Let’s see the correct answer. Wow! That was unexpected, wasn’t it? And that’s it for today guys.

cylinder correct answer

So how many correct answers do you guys have? Share that in the comments.

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