How To Be Happy Single – 7 Tips for Single Christian Women

Have you been single for a while and are now looking to infuse your current season with new joy and motivation? If that’s you, then stick around for 7 Tips on How To Be Happy Single.

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Your singleness might not feel the best at the moment because you thought that by now this season would be over. I can relate and truly feel for you.

But today, I want to show you how to stop focusing on the wrong things and realize that you already have everything that you need. Today I’m sharing with you how to be happy single, my seven tips for Christian single women.

7 Tips on How To Be Happy Single

1. Build or Deepen your Relationship with God

The number one way to be happy as a single woman and also prepare for marriage is by building a solid relationship with God. By spending time in his word and understanding his nature he will show you who you are and what his promises are for your life.

Suddenly your perspective will change and you will approach singleness from a totally different angle. This paradigm shift will allow you to enjoy being single and understanding why it is necessary.

2. Practice Self-care

Practice Self-care

Man, I’m the queen of self-care Saturdays, and I can only recommend it. Make it a habit to lock down one day a week where it’s only about you. Take care of your body by working out.

Treat yourself to mani and pedi or simply enjoy your favorite meal at a restaurant or at home. Whatever it is that brings you joy and peace.

You will see your mood change because you just really gave yourself a big dose of endorphins and that will lift up not just that day but the whole week.

3. Learn to Steward your Household

This one might not sound like fun, but trust me, it’s legit a confidence booster. As a single woman, learn to be financially independent and how to take care of your home.

Little things like covering your phone bill and electricity will teach you how to be disciplined but also give you a sense of accomplishment.

You will suddenly feel like this season is really a season of growth and opportunity, which it is, and that will give you a lot of joy for your single season.

4. Spend time with other Christian singles

Spend time with other Christian singles

Nothing will lift you up than being in community with other Christian singles. They will be able to relate to you, but they will also encourage you in your walk with God.

As a single woman, take advantage of the time you have now and meet new people, either in your local community or a church. And if you’re an introvert, even better.

Use this time to develop your interpersonal skills and also to become a well-rounded social person. The more events you go to, the more you will feel accomplished as a single woman.

Are you a social butterfly? If yes, then let us know. What events do you like to use to meet new people? Maybe church, maybe work or even meet up groups? Let us know your best tips below.

5. Find and Pursue your Passion or your Purpose

Is there something deep inside of you that you’ve always wanted to do or try out? Maybe it’s a hobby, maybe it’s a sport or maybe it’s even a whole new career.

Whatever it is, the time is now. As a single Christian woman, now is the best time to find out what you like and what makes it come alive.

You have all the time in the world to pursue and find your passion and your purpose. Doing that will make you so much happier as a single woman and give you purpose.

Trust me, I have done it and I love it.

6. Get Involved

Ladies, I want you to know that there’s purpose in your single season right now. God wants you to help build his kingdom at any stage of your life.

You can do so by getting involved in your local ministry, by cleaning up the streets, or by serving at your local church, or even go on a mission’s trip.

How amazing would that be? Whatever it is, make sure that you take the focus off your own needs and put them on meeting someone else’s need.

That will fill your day-to-day with gratitude and will allow you to be a happy single woman.

7. Become the Best version of Yourself

Of course, I had to end this one with my favorite point. Don’t waste your time while single thinking about all the things you want to do when you’re married. I want to lose weight when I’m in a relationship. I want to go to Bali when I’m on my honeymoon.

I want to buy a house when I’m married. No, the time is now. Become the best version of yourself by working towards your dreams now.

You will not just increase your confidence by checking off all your goals, hashtag goals, but you will also be able to look back on the memories you made later and rejoice in this season that was so full of purpose, passion, and dreams.

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