How To Get Him To Commit – 3 Powerful Dating Tips For Women

How To Get Him To Commit

What do you think does it take for a man to want to commit? Is it beauty, intelligence or maybe great s3x? If you’re like most women you probably think it’s one of these but it’s actually not.

While all these three might attract a man to you, your character is what what really is going to get him to commit. So if you would like to know what these character traits are then stay tuned for 3 tips on how to inspire a man to commit.

This article is a little bit of a trap because there’s no way you can get a man to commit. For all I know there’s no way you can get a man to do anything unless he wants to. So, I’m gonna be honest right now that this article is going to teach you how to inspire men to commit.


How to inspire his desire to be in a committed relationship with you but just so you understand these tips will only work on a guy that really likes you a man that does not have the right intentions for you will not be bothered by these tips so this is my little PSA but now let’s get into it.

1. Upgrade His Life

Up upgrade you. Okay but ladies let’s be real you do not need to be Beyonce in order to grade a man’s life because the way to do so is so simple it’s to be your best authentic self-full of joy and self-confidence.

A lot of us think that we have to be this ideal bad chick for a man for him to commit but that’s not true because the truth in order for men to want to commit he actually looks at the quality of the relationship that you can provide.

Meaning it has nothing to do with your outer appearance and everything to do with the woman that you already are. What do I mean by that?

I mean are you woman of confidence that knows her god-given value? Do you have self-love, self-respect or do you allow a man to walk all over you?

It’s so important to men that he feels like you have happiness outside of him and that you can find joy in your own life outside of a relationship because only if you can do that you are actually able to add something to the relationship otherwise he will feel like you are sucking him dry because you’re trying so hard to be in the relationship and at the same time totally neglecting and ignoring your own self-value and happiness.

Because at the end of the day a man wants to commit to a woman that is able to add to his life and not just subtract from it. He wants to make sure that both of you can come together and create a beautiful relationship and a beautiful life for each other.

So, ask yourself this very critical question. Are you the type of person, the person you are looking for is looking for?

2. Set Healthy Boundaries

Number two is to set healthy boundaries this is probably the most important step because only we’re setting healthy boundaries you’re actually triggering his desire to pursue you and to want to make it to this level where he knows he can be with you how do you do that? By communicating your goals for the relationship early on and very clearly this will do two things.

It will scare off the wrong guy but it will trigger the desire to step up in the right guy and this is so important because you know what you actually want the wrong guy to run because you don’t want to be with him so focus on doing your part and let him show you what he wants to do because if he doesn’t want to sacrifice his crazy lifestyle for you don’t try to adapt to his lifestyle but actually choose to move on because the right guy will find you even more attractive because you exhibit self-confidence by asking him to commit before you go the distance.

He knows that unless he shows consistency and effort you’re not gonna stick around so let him show you that he is in it for the right reasons by setting your boundaries and only if he shows you that he really wants to be with you then increase your attention, increase the investment that you have into the relationship so you can pace yourself and not be emotionally invested too early on.

3. Build an Emotional Connection

This last one is not only a way to inspire him to commit but also the only way you can influence the pace of the relationship without pressuring him.

Because you know what happens a lot of times is that women are so stressed out by their own timeline that they tell the guy and what that does is that he’s stressed out and what happens if somebody is stressed out?

 They will distance themselves from the relationship meaning that he’s either gonna ask for a break or he’s gonna cut you off altogether.

However, there is a better way to influence the pace of the relationship and to make him want to invest more and that is by simply building an emotional connection through vulnerability.

By opening up to him and creating a safe space for him to open up to you because when a man feels safe enough to be vulnerable with you then he gets invested into the friendship or relationship he built so he naturally wants to progress the relationship because he is afraid that the safe space that you created could be snatched from him at any time if you’re still single.

So, learn to be authentic. Don’t play cool, play pretty or try to be perfect all the time but truly be the true you so that he can be the true him and that creates a bond that can’t be easily broken.

So here you have it. These three tips to get him to commit have nothing to do with your outer appearance and everything to do with the woman that you already are which is perfect because that means you can implement them into your dating and relationship life effortlessly.

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