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5 Tricks to Impress a Girl

In this new era, every adult wants to share his feeling with someone special, whether he is a boy or girl but they don’t have that person. In this article, I will tell you 5 Tricks You Should Learn to Impress a Girl.

how to impress a girl

1. Confidence

The reason behind keeping this on the number 1 is that a lot of people get nervous when they see their crush or try to talk with them which is very wrong. Being confident makes you a simple person. You can talk with her.

There are some body language signs which can show more confidence you can Google it. When you are talking with her just make sure that she is feeling comfortable if she is not feeling well, so it’s impossible for you to impress her. Don’t talk to her rudely feel free when you are talking with your crush.  

Most people see here and there when they’re talking with their Crush and this is a very bad thing. You just have to look into her eyes when you are talking with your crush.

2. Attitude

Most girls like the boys’ attitudes. You should have an awesome walking style, attractive talking style, and most importantly seeing style especially when you are watching in her eyes. Every person has its own attitude and your attitude should be different from others.

3. Fitness/Body

I want to tell you that girls don’t like too much bodybuilding. They just like a handsome person not a person with 10-kilo muscles or chest. If you have 6 pack abs or a perfect body then you are good you can impress her.

Just make one thing clear that nor do you have to be so fat and neither thin. Make yourself slim. Veins and neck bones are also girls’ weaknesses you can attract them with it too. Having a perfect body doesn’t mean that you always show your boy to every girl, just show it to your cross and not always but sometimes.

4. Personality

Most girls like funny and sensitive boys. Girls don’t like talkative people. The most important thing in your personality is your style. Don’t be too stylish just choose a simple style but it should be different from others. You should have a hairstyle that can make you handsome. It can be any style. 

If you always think positive so you can get a better character to impress her.  People with good habits are always attractive. Girls are also perfume addicted if you use good perfume so you can attract her with it also.

5. Colour

Don’t be worry of your black colour or too much fairness, It does not matter that you are black or white, your colour does not matter, the thing that matters is your confidence in yourself, your body, your attitude and your personality. 

I have explained all of these things above. Black or too fair people also get a wife so it does not matter that your color is black, white or fair,

Your Colour will not attract her towards you. If you follow all the things that we have explained above, we hope you can impress a girl.

So these are the top 5 skills to impress a girl. I hope this will make you impress a girl but here are some other tips that you should follow, so let me have a look at it.

Bonus Tips:

If your crush lives near you and you know her schedule, so you also set your schedule according to her schedule. This can make some common points in your day and her day and you can talk about it with her any time. You should also take care of her good or bad things, make her have some emotions for you. Always help her, whether she does not call for help but you should help her.

Be a different person for her, don’t do the same things that other people do for her. Send her some gifts but anonymously but leave a sign that could point towards you that you have sent that gift to her. Admire her work, whether she is not able to appreciate it.

Most important and last thing is that don’t disrespect her before someone, this can make her to hate you , so always respect her.

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