7 Signs of an Incompatible Relationship

In this article I will tell you about 7 Most Common Signs of an Incompatible Relationship.

1. Partners keep Repeating the Same Mistake even though they Promised to Stop

Partners keep repeating the same mistake

Partners keep repeating the same mistake even though they promised to stop. They continue letting you down. Here is a case in point; You and your partner had a problem, he hurt you and swore he would never do it evermore.

He claimed that he was sorry, it was a mistake, and so on. He has been playing it nicely around you for a while and everything appears excellent between you, but not so long he makes the same mistake again making you feel like you are repeating the same issue.

Here is the real deal; They are used to getting away with it and your forgiving nature becomes something they take for granted.

They don’t intend to change and will replay the same thing repeatedly until you eventually get exhausted and assure yourself that you are with the wrong partner.

2. Never Listen to You

Never Listen to You Incompatible Relationship

They will never listen to you. When it comes to listening, you play the lead role. Whatever happens to them causes an alarm to you making you want to hear them out.

Sadly, if you need a friendly ear and a friend to speak to, your partner would probably tend to get busy or you may choose your best friend to hear your issues and maybe give solutions to you.

It is not that you wouldn’t want to share your thoughts with your partner, but you know he has zero interest in what you have to say.

He ignores your desire to talk to him and he only minds and talks about himself. But things should be like this.

Your partner should be someone special with who you share your sorrows. Don’t stay in a relationship where you feel of less importance and aren’t treated as equal.

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3. Relationship Is More of a Battlefield Than A Love Affair

Your relationship is more of a battlefield than a love affair. It’s like your communication levels have gone down arguments and fights and nothing more.

You never meet eye-to-eye and you usually go to bed so angry at yourselves. There is no doubt that your communication skills are lacking.

You probably already tried to work your issues out and considered being more understanding although it didn’t go as planned. You just kept fighting and bickering about useless things. It seems it won’t end.

You are right, it may never will since you are incompatible. When you spend more time fighting as compared to being on good terms and happy, you are not meant to be an item.

You have opposite outlooks on what is correct and wrong. Your points of view on relationships and life are different, so you have not worked things out together.

4. S3x Issues

Sex Issues

Most likely, there are two possible situations; The first one occurs when your s3x life is fantastic but everything else is going astray.

You have incredible communication in bed but outside of it, not too much. Your passions are holding you together because once you pause and start evaluating your relationship, you notice that attention, affection, and even respect and trust is absent.

The second situation occurs once your s3x life is almost non-existent, rare, or just wrong. Although all the other areas of the relationship are significant, you act like best friends, and the lover’s part is not available and you are not satisfied.

You know what they say, pleasant and healthy s3x life is merely 20% of your relationship. But if it is wrong, it is everything. Both situations alert that you are incompatible.

Never hold on to a partner who is wrong for you only because the s3x is exciting likewise you shouldn’t settle for a relationship with no passion because you share a strong relationship with somebody.

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5. You feel like you cannot be Yourself with Them

You are interested in sharing things that bother you or those you feel happy about with them, but you are holding back because they will probably disregard them as stupid.

You are never comfortable with them. You feel like you are limited. You want to do stuff like singing along to the radio as you drive or take a shower but you feel like you can’t because he will tell you to shut up or that you are stupid.

When you are in a healthy relationship, you feel loved and accepted and you don’t feel like dreading each step you take.

You feel cozy enough to be your crazy self and it’s the best feeling for you. In case you don’t feel this way, you are not compatible.

6. Jealousy Overload


Jealousnous doesn’t need to be an odd thing if it is moderate and reasonable. However, it can sometimes go beyond limits and suffocate you.

Two extremely jealous partners will only be toxic to themselves eventually. Once your relationship was not founded on trust, it won’t stand for so long.

Sooner or later, one or sometimes both of the partners in a relationship will get exhausted from the constant buzzing of the phone and somebody controlling and spying on their every move. Actions of extreme jealousy can damage your mental and physical well-being.

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7. Relationship has become Dull and Monotonous

Sad and Dull Relationship

The relationship has become dull and monotonous. You are stuck in a rut and it’s like there is nothing you can do about it. Spending time with your partner is merely that.

Hanging, staying in as you watch movies cuddling somehow, and then each one of you turns your back on one another on different sides of the bed.

Late-night dates Iike going out seems like a thing of the past. We humans are different. Some people are okay with monotony and routine whereas others want new stuff, diversity, and movement more often.

The problem arises when partners of different characters can’t compromise with one another’s differences and eventually fall out.

It’s not that one person is abnormal and the other is normal the thing is that they are different and incompatible.

Having a relationship between an introvert and an extrovert requires both partners to make an effort and meet each other halfway. In case love overcomes their differences, they will have higher chances of working out things.

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