10 Interview Riddles from Google Interviews That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Interview Riddles from Google Interviews

Hey guys! I’m pretty sure you all know what google is. But did you know anything about Google job interviews? Well, it isn’t ordinary, to say the least.

Be it the appointment at the cafe or the skype interview, questions you will be asked to answer are pretty damn weird.

1. A dead man in the desert Imagine the desert, bright scorching sun, and a corpse of a man lying there with a match in his hand. There are no traces around. So, the question is what causes death and how the man died?

desert Interview Riddles

Answer: So basically, the purpose of this question is to see how good you are at restoring events and comparing facts. The man died because he fell from a plane that began to lose altitude before the inevitable crash. One parachute was missing so the passengers had to draw lots. The man took out the only short match and didn’t get the parachute.


2. The doctor gave his patient 4 tablets: 2 pills of each type. They all look the same, you can’t really tell which one is which. So, the doctor said you must take them two times: two different pills in the morning and then again in the evening. If you mess up the dosage, you are f**ked.

tablet pill

It happened so that the patient accidentally mixed up the pills. So how can he undergo treatment and stay alive?

Answer: If you guys found yourself in a similar situation, you should definitely talk to a doctor! Don’t risk, this is serious. You should split each pill in half and take half of each in the morning and in the evening.

3. So you need to check if your friend Bob got your phone number right, but you can’t ask him directly. You should write down your question on the piece of paper, give it to Eva and ask her to give it to Bob. You should make sure Bob gets your point but you can’t let Eva see your phone number. Remember, you can’t ask Bob directly.

Answer: Ask Bob to call you at the certain time. At 12:00 sharp for example. If he doesn’t do that, he hasn’t got your number. If he will, well that’s self-explanatory.

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4. The Bear You have built a house with all sides facing South. You saw a bear all of a sudden. Which color is it?.

White Bear

Answer: It’s white. You can only build all sides facing South house in the North Pole..

5. 4 liters of water You’re standing at the water spring. You also have two bottles. 5-liter and 3-liter once. You must somehow measure exactly 4 liters.

two bottles

Answer: Fill the 5-liter bottle first and then pour the water from it into the 3-liter bottle. Then pour out the water from the 3-liter bottle.

Next, pour 2 liters from the 5-liter bottle into the 3-liter one. Then again dial the full 5-liter bottle and add 1 liter to the 3-liter one. So, there you go. You now have exactly 4 liters in the 5-liter bottle.

6. One day a university professor hosted a gathering at his house. While he was making tea, his students were observing the library. On one of the shelves, they saw a nine-volume collection of books. Somehow, the sixth volume has gone missing. Can you guys guess where to find it?

10 Interview Riddles from Google Interviews That Will Blow Your Mind 1

Answer: There it is you guys, it’s just that it is turned over. There are 8 volumes in total.

7. Our brain is an intricate mechanism. But those simple optical illusions that fool our eyes are in fact playing tricks on our brains. But there are times when we let patterns fool us. Often, we believe things that are simple to understand. Now look at this image and tell how many circles you see? Surprise! You didn’t see that coming, did u!?

find circle

Answer: So, here’s the deal: There’s a reason why there’s a cross in there. When you look at it you can see the circles clearer. Focus your sight on it for a while and you will see those circles better. So, the right answer is 16!

circle found

8. So now guys I want you to look at this image and tell me what you see. Surprisingly only 2 out of 10 people understand what it is.

weird bed

Answer: So, what was the first thing that popped into your mind when you saw this image? It’s just a bed. The only thing is it is upside down.

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9. There were seven sisters. And they all went to the country house where each went about her business. The first one was reading a book, the second one was cooking dinner, the third one was playing chess, the fourth one did the crossword puzzles, the fifth one was cleaning, the sixth one was watching YouTube videos. So, the seventh sister was also busy, but can you guess how?

Answer: Well this one is easy: she was playing chess with her sister. It’s a game for two for God’s sake!

10. So now you should find one difference between these pictures. those of you who are attentive enough will find it in a jiffy! Ok maybe in about a minute.


Answer: So how did it go for you guys?

difference found
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