10 Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 2% Can Solve

10 Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 2% Can Solve

Hi guys! Detectives and snoops aren’t the only ones who use deductive reasoning. It generally helps people make decisions, develop attentiveness, and systematic thinking.

So, I suggest you train your attention and deductive skills by solving these intricate puzzles and riddles. Are you ready? Then let’s do this.

1. 10 minutes ago somebody stole the money from the cafe. Everyone claims they weren’t there 10 minutes ago. However, the culprit is one of them. Who do you think stole the money?

stole the money Mystery Riddles

Answer: The thief is the guy with the ice cream. If he really bought that ice-cream more than 10 minutes ago it would have melted.

2. So these three guys decided to escape from prison. To breakout they stood on top of each other. But the top guy still couldn’t reach the window. What do you think they should do for a successful jail brake?

three guys decided to escape from prison

Answer: The tallest guy should be at the top since he has the longest arms.

3. About half an hour ago somebody committed a theft. Everyone says they didn’t do that and that they were at home. Who`s lying?

half an hour ago somebody committed a theft

Answer: The guy that lives in the left house. As you can see the area under the red car is wet, which indicates that he only returned just now.

4. Poor guy, he didn’t deserve that. Somebody was just trying to hit that apple. As you can see there were three shots. Can you figure out which bullet was first?

trying to hit that apple

Answer: The second one as the cracks from the first and the third bullet end on the cracks from the second one.

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5. There is a culprit at the costume party. Can you guys find him using your deductive skills?

costume party

Answer: There he is on the right. He s the only guy that didn’t get a proper costume. He was most likely in a rush and just put on some random stuff.

6. Imagine a Russian roulette game session. As usual, there are six bullet compartments in a revolver drum. Two bullets are placed into neighboring sections.

Two bullets

The player rotates the drum, places the gun to his head and pulls the trigger… and click! Sheesh! That was close. But the player has to pull the trigger another time. So the question is what should the player do? Twist the drum or pull the trigger right away?

Answer: The best thing to do would be to avoid playing this stupid ass game but since it`s only a riddle here are the options: if the player decides to twists the drum then there is a 33.3% chance to run into a bullet it`s 2 out of 6. Pull the trigger right away and chances are 1 out of 6, which is 25%.

7. In one of the Simpsons episodes, I think it was the 26th season there is a rather interesting puzzle that even adults might find pretty intricate. So, there is that M symbol, and what you should do is you must add three straight lines in a way that would give you nine separate triangles. By the way, Bart Simpson managed to solve this one very quickly. Let’s see if you can do it. Now let’s check the correct answer together.

Simpsons episodes M Symbol

Answer: Check this Picture

Simpsons episodes M Symbol answer

8. There are two people with oranges. If the first person gives 2 oranges to the second person they will possess the same number. If the second person gives 2 oranges to the first one then the first person will have two times more oranges. The question is how many oranges do they have?


Answer: 14 and 10

9. It’s time to train your sight and check your attentiveness guys. So, there is a badger among these zebras around here somewhere. Go ahead and try to find it! Some people find it straight away, others need at list thirty minutes to grasp the bastard. Let’s see you deal with it!

find zebras

Don’t forget to share your record in the comment’s guys! There`s that slimy a**hole.

10. It`s so great that you found that badger! Now let`s see if you can find three differences on this picture. I am warning you; this isn’t an easy task!


Only the most attentive of you will deal with this in less than one minute. Press pause and see how much time you need to find these three differences.

Train your attentiveness now and you will see that in the future such tasks will be a piece of piss for you guys!

Now here is the correct answer.

cats difference answer

Okay, here’s one last riddle for you guys, leave your answers to this one in the comments.

Here’s a picture of a b*mb. When do you think it’s gonna explode? I think you ll manage this one very quickly. And that s all for today. So, how many correct answers do you have?

picture of a bomb
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