How to Propose a Girl | Tips to Impress a Girl

How to Propose a Girl

In TV shows and movies, you would have seen that when a boy person loves someone and try to purpose her, he feels nervous. This is a fact which also occurs in real life, often people face difficulties to purpose their beloved person, they feel nervous.

They don’t propose at the time and someone else comes and flew away with their beloved person and they just mourn, perhaps they could as he did. That’s why here we are to tell you how you can propose to a girl.

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How to Propose a Girl

Most Important Tips

Well, the lesson that I want you to teach that which is most important, it’s not important in the situation of proposing a girl, in fact, it can help you in your daily life also and that’s “confidence”.

People who have confidence in them, they do everything with perfection so just be confident in every stage of your life.

If you want to be a confident person so just start believing in yourself don’t compare yourself with the others just believe in this theory that you are the best.

  • When you think to propose a girl, don’t think that what will be her reaction, you this thought can change your mind. It can distract you from proposing to a girl. But you can think about her positive reaction. This will make you more confident.
  • The place also matters when you are proposing a girl, you can take her to a beautiful view of a beautiful lake or to her favorite restaurant. Manage everything that she likes. You can also take her to that place, where you were first met.
  • Once, when you get full confidence in yourself and take her to your planned place. After that start talking normally for a moment, and ask her to close her eyes, you bend down on your knees before she gives her, her favorite flower or a ring and just calm down after that you have not to worry about anything, utilize your all the tensions from your brain.
  • We suggest you to propose her in front of a crowd and romantic music in slow voice is also necessary, it can make a beautiful scene.
  • Tell her something dramatic, talk emotionally to her. When you do all of these things in a crowd. she will feel proud and feel that how much do you love her?
  • If you are sure that she doesn’t like crowds or people around her, then you can take her to dinner or a beach, a palace where is nobody except you and her. Propose her when she has no hope of this from you. It can make her happy.
  • When you are going to say that ” I love you very much and I’ll keep you happy for your whole life as a princess, will you marry me”, so just say it very loudly
  • Your gifted ring or flower should be as unique as your beloved person. You can give her a rose but it is fresh, full of fragrance and beautiful shape. But if you know what type of colors she likes, you can give her that bunch of flowers.
  • Mode also matters of both persons, only propose her when you are sure that you both are happy.
  • Don’t propose her too early , first make her independent on you.
  • Try to involve your and her family in the proposal , it can make her to feel comfortable and to accept your proposal.
  • The most successful method which use to propose a girl is proposing her on the radio if you are 100â„… sure that she is listening to radio , so you can propose her on the radio by sharing your feelings about her and try to talk emotionally.
  • If you are on a concert , so that’s great you can propose her by singing or dancing for her.
  • You can propose her by writing a love letter for her, I know its old way to propose a girl but always remember the saying “old is gold” . that’s the best way for you to propose her if you are a shy person and feel difficulty talking before her. You can everything that you feel about her and which is hidden inside your pure heart.

If you propose her in the same way as we told you and she does not accept your proposal. In this situation don’t get mad at her or at yourself, just behave normally as you used to do before proposing her.

The reason behind this is that maybe she got nervous,  maybe she accepts your proposal after a few days or a week. So the point that we want to understand is that some girls don’t accept proposals, while you are proposing her. You just give her some time and ask her after a few days or a week.

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