5 Relationship Deal Breakers – Red Flags in Relationship

Wondering what are some deal breakers in a relationship, especially as a Christian woman? Hey everybody, welcome to QUOTESG. I’m Waqas, and I give faith-based dating, relationship advice, and All Type of Quotes.

Have you ever broken up with someone after a few months of dating, and then you asked yourself, “How did I get here? How did I not see this coming?” Well, in order for you to actually spot compatibility, you need to be on the lookout for non-negotiables, for things that are so important to you that they cannot be compromised.

In today’s article, I’m going to share with you 5 Relationship Deal Breakers that will make the vetting process so much easier. Ready? Here we go.

5 Relationship Deal Breakers

1. He’s prideful

Relationship Deal Breakers

Pride is probably the least desirable shortcoming to overcome, and you might think to yourself, “It’s not that bad,” but actually I believe that pride is probably one of the three top reasons why couples separate.

If your man is prideful, he will have a hard time to admit when he’s wrong, or he will have a hard time to forgive you for your past mistakes.

It will cause a lot of hurt on your side and can really destroy the relationship. That’s why pride is a major deal breaker in any relationship, but especially in a Christian relationship, where we are called to be forgiving and have grace.

2. He Treats his Family Poorly

5 Relationship Deal Breakers - Red Flags in Relationship 1

Ladies, this one is so close to my heart because I really love my family. But for real though, as great as a guy treats you, if he disrespects his family, that should be a really big red flag to you.

Research shows that the so-called honeymoon stage only lasts six weeks, up to 18 months. After that, a person will treat you the exact same way he treats everybody else around them.

So, if he treats his family poorly, he will eventually start treating you the same way. So you want to watch out for a guy that does not respect and does not appreciate his loved ones.

5 Relationship Deal Breakers - Red Flags in Relationship 2

I know that that would be a major turnoff for me, because I adore my parents and my siblings. But what about you? Would you date a man that doesn’t get along with his family? Leave a comment below.

3. He does not submit to Christ

He does not submit to Christ

Does he actively pursue God, and is he obedient to the Lord? If the man that you’re dating thinks that there is no need to listen to God, and only goes off his own mind and emotion, then that should be a deal breaker for you, because you want to make sure that the man that you’re in a relationship with submits to Christ as his head and therefore is able to lead you.

You never want to find yourself in a situation where God is not the leader of your life and your future. And that especially goes for relationships.

4. He does not speak the Truth

5 Relationship Deal Breakers - Red Flags in Relationship 3

Well this one is pretty self-explanatory I think. If you repeatedly catch him lying and scheming, then your relationship can’t survive. Dealing with someone that does not speak the truth will only hurt you.

Trust me. It’s not an assumption, but it’s a fact. Lying in a relationship is definitely a deal breaker.

5. He Does not Respect your Boundaries

When you’re just dating someone, you have certain boundaries in place so that you can protect yourself from physical, emotional, and spiritual hurt.

If the guy that you’re dating constantly pushes you to compromise in any of these areas, then it’s time for him to go.

You want to be with someone that honors God with his mind, body, and soul, just as you do. So if he doesn’t possess the self-control to do so, then that’s a major no-no.

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