7 Signs You Are Not Ready for Marriage

Hey everybody Welcome back to QuotesG. So this article is gonna hurt your ego because let’s be honest marriage is that dream that most of us women have had for years and now that you might be in a healthy relationship you’re thinking hey I’ve found the one so marriage should be the next step right?

But how do you truly know if you are ready for marriage? Because you might be wifey material but still not be ready. So here are my 7 Signs You Are Not Ready for Marriage that I want you to read and watch before you walk down the aisle.

7 Signs You Are Not Ready for Marriage

1. You just want to be Married

7 Signs You Are Not Ready for Marriage 1

Jokes aside have you been planning your wedding day for the past 10 years do you know what wedding dress you’re going to wear, how many groomsmen you’re going to have and what house you’re gonna move into right after. Like white picket fence.

If that’s the case, then I have bad news for you and that is that you might be idolizing marriage and the problem with that is that when you make marriage an idol you put your desire to be married before your desire to please God.

But what if God’s intention for you is to be married in 10 years. Will you then despise him because he didn’t meet your schedule?

So your desire should not be to just get married because believe me that’s when you make all the dumb mistakes. Instead you should desire to please God and trust him that marriage will follow.

2. You want to have Guilt-free s3x.

guilt-free Sexguilt

This point might be too real for some of you but you’re already here so you might as well just listen. As a Christian you are called to keep s3x as an act of love inside of marriage.

Because according to the Bible, premarital s3x is a sin. However, a lot of times young couples were rushed into marriage because they want to have s3x without being insane and why you might think that that’s a good idea because it’s the right thing to do.

I strongly believe that s3x as the main driver to get married is a really, really bad idea, because at the end of the day, temptations don’t stop just because you get married.

So if you’re struggling with self-control while you’re single you will still struggle with it when you’re married.

So instead of rushing into marriage just so you can have guilt-free s3x, you should use your single season to develop self-control and make sure that you are ready for life long commitment.

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3. You Desire to live a Lavish Lifestyle

You Desire to live a Lavish Lifestyle Signs You Are Not Ready for Marriage.

#3 is that you desire to live a lavish lifestyle. And really I’m joking when I’m saying lavish because I don’t want to downplay any financial hardship that you might be facing in your life.

And I understand that for some people getting married to be in a better financial position is a hope of theirs.

Nevertheless, I know for a fact that men do not appreciate women whose main reason for marriage is financial gain. And a lot of times they do not respect women that are after the money either.

So, if you’re really in a financial situation that makes you desperate for marriage then your primary goal should not be to get married but to take care of your financial health and better your situation.

Because remember you attract what you are and I’m sure you do not want to attract someone that is using you in return.

4. All Your Friends Are Getting Married

Friends are Getting Married

Number 4 is so so common and that is that all your friends are getting married to you want to hear a fun fact about me? I’m 31, I’m single, and I’m Christian while that is a very normal description to me I know that to some of you it sounds like a death sentence.

And you know what? I don’t care! Because I stopped thinking about its years ago and I think you need to stop too. Because there’s nothing wrong with being single if you are waiting on God’s timing for you.

In his book there is no such thing as peer pressure. Because everybody’s life is different. So your friends are not ahead and you are not behind, instead each one of you is exactly where he or she is supposed to be.

So if you want to walk down the aisle or let’s say run down the aisle just so that you can catch up to all your friends then you are definitely not ready to get married.

5. You Believe You Will Be Happier

Happy Relation

And number 5 is that you believe you will be happier this one is probably the most important one because I personally know that feeling lonely can be tough at times.

I mean you sit on your bed, you watch a hallmark movie and you really wish that you could have that same love that the couple has in the movie. And a lot of times it brings about feelings of sadness jealousy or even hopelessness.

However, the last thing you want to do if you feel lonely is to get into a relationship because you don’t feel your best, meaning you won’t be able to attract God’s best for you either.

You know what a relationship born out of loneliness brings? It brings desperation and neediness and that is not how you want to start off your happily ever after.

Instead you want to learn how to create joy and happiness as an individual because that’s a skill that can be practiced. And think about it you don’t want your relationship to be your source of happiness because that’s a burden that your future husband can’t carry.

Instead you want a relationship that is the cherry on top of an already fulfilling life. So if you think that a relationship can fill that void then you’re definitely not ready to be married.

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6. You Want to Be Hashtag #Relationshipgoals

You Want to Be Hashtag #Relationshipgoals

Let me just say that I think certain hashtags really need to be cancelled and one of them is definitely hashtag #relationshipgoals. I mean all it is, is beautiful people in stunning gowns, or beautiful couples on vacation, or great families on maternity shoots.

Is it inspiring and entertaining? Absolutely! Is it their constant reality? Probably not. Most of the time it is the highlight reel of couples that deal with the same exact relationship problems that you and I deal with.

What am I trying to say? Well if you’re a deep deep down more excited about changing your relationship status on facebook, or posting pictures of BAE on Instagram, or planning your picture-perfect wedding then you might be more in love with the idea of what it looks like to be married then you are actually prepared for what it takes to be married.

And I don’t want you to be caught up in the illusion that social media has us believe sometimes. Because remember the goal is to stay married and not just get married. And the big seven is that you believe that marriage would get you closer to God.

Oh gosh this one is a bad one okay so it occurs to me that some women believe that God’s purpose for their lives is on hold until they get married.

And I understand that sometimes scripture can be misleading and you might be wondering how can I have my own purpose if I am called to be a help meat.

But trust me when I tell you that God’s purpose for your life and his ability to work through you does not only start once you get married.

It starts when you make him the Lord and Savior of your life and start having a relationship with him. Because marriage just like your family and your friendships is another opportunity to experience and share God’s love with another human being but it’s not your only outlet.

So if you want to get closer to God you can simply start by meditating, by praying, and by reading Scripture every day. I know that these signs that you’re not ready to get married might have hit a nerve.

Trust me when I tell you that they hit a lot of my nerves, but you know what you can do if any of these points apply to you. You can simply surrender it to God and ask him to show you the area where you still need to grow and prepare you for your season of marriage.

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