4 Things Women Want from Every Man to Do | SECRET Things Girls Find Attractive

SECRET Things Girls Find Attractive

Dating is about finding the right girl or girls (I don’t judge) for YOU. You don’t wanna just do exactly what one girl or anyone for that matter wants you to do.

You should do what YOU wanna do and find the person that fits into that. You don’t want to pick a girl just because everybody else likes her, or because you suck at dating and didn’t have many other options.

Dating is an active process, and it starts with discovering who you are and what you’re looking for. Without that dating will be unfulfilling. However, there are some things you can do that benefit you personally on your journey of discovery AND increase the likelihood that the girls you pursue will like you back and become attracted to you.

Keep in mind: These don’t just apply to women and romantic relationships, these apply to relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners in general.

Relationships are very similar across the board. The common denominator across all your relationships is YOU. Fix yourself, and 90% of the relationships you have with people will fix themselves.

Now that you got that in your noggin, let’s get into the thing’s women want you to do, and will benefit you as well.

In this article We Share the 4 Things Women Want from Every Man to Do | SECRET Things Girls Find Attractive.

Things Girls Find Attractive 4 Things Women Want from EVERY Man to Do

4 Things Women Want from Every Man to Do

1. They want you to take yourself seriously

If you’re not serious about your life, the things you’re doing, and your mission then nobody will want to be around you. You’ll just be another person with no drive, ambition, or life in you. And nobody wants a person like that in their life. And you, yourself don’t want to live that life.

Whatever it is you want to do in life, you have to be serious about pursuing it. If you don’t take yourself, your own life, and your own goals seriously then she won’t take you seriously.

You’ll just be another dude moving through life with no direction, no purpose, and no goals. Whether you want to be a CEO, engineer, violinist, teacher, police officer, or even if you just want to be a yoga hippie who has no possessions and meditates on mountains all day, you have to be serious about achieving it if you want to get there. I don’t care what it is.

It can be the most stereotypically ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ thing in the world, I don’t give a fuck, I’m not the judge of what’s cool and what isn’t YOU are. It’s your life. Take it seriously. That’s the only way people will respect you and want to be around you.

This serious approach and vigor in your life refreshing to the people around you. It turns you into a magnet, people feel the electricity with which you approach life and they want to be there to experience it with you.

Now when i say serious, I don’t mean be no fun and stone walled with emotions all the time. It just means take what you’re doing in life seriously. If you’re going to approach a girl, take yourself and your interest in her seriously enough that you’re gonna follow through and not chicken out.

Hell, your goal can be to be a comedian, take that seriously. Laugh and be as joyous as you want, as long as you’re taking your life and goals seriously, you’ll be on the right track.

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2. Call her out when you don’t like something.

A lot of guys approach dating from a place of scarcity. They’re afraid to say what they want and are looking for because they don’t want to alienate the girls, they’re interested in.

And from a practical standpoint this makes sense, if a girl does something you don’t like – you avoid saying anything because if you’re a guy with no options, who doesn’t get a lot of girls, you don’t want to ‘ruin’ or mess up your shot with the girl right in front of you.

This is self-defeating for three reasons. When you put up with behavior that you don’t like, you’re silently agreeing with it and letting the other person know that you’re OK with it.

By staying silent, you end up creating a relationship for yourself that contains behavior and actions that you don’t enjoy.

The girl will lose respect for you. If you never put your foot down or draw the line with the things you don’t like, then you’re creating the expectation that the other person can walk all over you.

By actually calling a girl out when she does something wrong, it makes her respect you SOO much more because it shows them that they can trust you to hold them accountable, and that you have standards for the people you let into your life.

I’ve had so many girls tell me that they thought it was “hot” when I called out negative behavior and voiced my distaste for it. It shows that BOTH of you are bringing value to the relationship and that you don’t approach your relationships from a place of scarcity.

Also, from a comfort and connection point of view, it makes the two of you closer. You’d only call somebody out if you felt comfortable enough with them to do it, and the fact that you’re holding them accountable shows them they can trust you to keep their interests in mind.

This goes for all your relationships, if you want to have better connections with the people around you, and have more mutual respect for one another, calling out your buddies when you don’t agree with something is the easiest way to do it.

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Your habits and routines dictate your life. If you want to have a masculine, glowing face throughout your life, you gotta take care of it.

If you have no habit or routine for face-care, you’re choosing a destiny where your face is less handsome and less taken care of. And c’mon who wants that bro?! And in case you were born yesterday, women like a guy who has a face that’s glowing and taken care of!

3. Be independent AKA don’t be a needy bitch

If you’re too needy in a relationship you’re just dead weight. You become a liability instead of an asset to the girl.

You’re no longer a fun addition to her life who makes it better. You become a headache. This is why I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again. GET A LIFE BRO.

I’ve gotten tens of thousands of messages from guys asking questions about how to get girls. 90% of your dating problems could be solved with those 3 words. GET A LIFE. Once you have a life that you’re happy with, you’ll become a magnet that attracts people to that life.

If you’re acting overly needy it’s because you’re trying to fill a void in your own life. Maybe you’re not happy with your existing life, maybe having another person lets you distract yourself from the problems you’re facing, or maybe you’ve just become co-dependent on that person.

4. Physically engage her

There’s been soooo many times I’ve had girls I’m just friends with tell me about guys they like and are hanging out with who won’t make a move on them.

It gets them frustrated and it makes them feel insecure about themselves. Why don’t these guys make a move when the girl is interested in them? It’s because they’re too scared to! So instead of just manning up and doing it, they put it off. Their fear of rejection holds them back.

Women are in higher sexual demand than men. If you wait too long and hesitate, you’re just giving another guy an opportunity to take your place.

Now I get it, you don’t want to ever make girls feel uncomfortable, and for some guys this is why they’re afraid to escalate.

So, the solution is to just escalate slowly and gradually. Start by hand holding, or putting your arm around her, or hugging her, see how she reacts.

Actively look for her body language and facial expression. It will tell you if she’s into it or not, if she is you can slowly escalate more over time.

If she doesn’t look into it then pull back and give her space, she’ll make it obvious, or she’ll just outright tell you. IF it’s not immediately clear that she’s into it, you can always just pull back to be safe. Escalation can be verbal too!

Gauge the conversation, if she’s responding positively to your verbal interaction then you can physically escalate via holding her hand, putting your arm around her briefly, and so on.

Push-pull is the easiest way to do this. Make a joke, tease her, poke fun at her, then when she reacts pull it back by laughing assuring her.

You’re only kidding and putting your arm around her or hugging her. This is the easiest way to escalate in a way that makes her feel comfortable and gives you a subtle hint of whether or not she wants you to escalate more.

In Summary:

  1. Take yourself seriously
  2. Call her out when you don’t like something
  3. Don’t be a needy bitch
  4. Physically engage her

Final Words:

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