10 Tricky Riddles To Check Your Intelligence

10 Tricky Riddles To Check Your Intelligence

It’s time to train our grey matter once again! The following riddles will test your attention and acumen skills. Let’s bounce!

1. Pretend that you have 9 coins, you’re sure that one of them is fake, you’re just not sure which one exactly. But you are certain that it weighs less than the real ones. Ok now think and try to figure out how to spot the fake coin by using weighing scale only twice. Share your guesses in the comments though.

9 coins Tricky Riddles

Answer: Here is how you do it: Firstly, you will have to divide them by three. The fake one should be in the one that weighs less.

If the first weighing shows that they’re equal, it should be in the third pile. For the second weighting, you should get two coins from the last pile. If they are equal, then what’s left is a fake one.

2. A world-famous physicist Lev Landau offered his students quite a task. Interestingly enough Landau was sure that it can be solved either by an idiot or a genius. Let’s see how you deal with it. O, T, T, F, F, S, S…

Answer: These are the first letters of numbers starting from “one”. So, the last letter should be “E” for eight.

3. This picture shows us a family of three people in the living room: mom, dad and their little daughter. But there are also two cats around there somewhere. Tom cats or pussy cats – that’s not important. You just have to find them. By the way, you only have 5 seconds. Let’s go! I found the first one very quickly. I guess most cats would rest on their owner’s laps. Although it took me a while to find another one. It seems like the man decided to exploit his cat and uses him as footrest. Did you guys find the cats yourselves? Let me know in the comments.

dad mom and daughter

4. Some guys were playing Ping-Pong outside. One guy hit the ball pretty hard and it flew right into a steel pipe buried in the ground. The pipe is two meters long or even more. Unfortunately, it was the only ball they had. How do you think they should get the ball out without digging the pipe out?


Answer: All they have to do is spill the water inside the pipe until the ball is out.

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5. The father and his two sons went camping. On their way out of the woods, they saw a river and a boat near it. The boat can either carry the father alone or two of his sons. Now how should they all get across?

Answer: First both sons should use the boat, then one of them should come back and let the father use the boat while waiting for the brother to get him and cross the river second time. How did you guys deal with these riddles? Share your thoughts and results in the comments.

6. This might seem like a hard task at first but the truth is that a kid solves it in about five minutes. Adults find it rather tough thou. This riddle requires an unusual approach. Let’s see you deal with it.

riddle for kid

Answer: The numbers you see on the picture are mirrored. Let’s cover the mirrored part and see what we have. 2+6=8 1+3= is of course 4 I’m sure you did great! If not, don’t worry! We will continue training our brain in a jiffy!

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7. Now, I suggest you try yourself in this intriguing riddle. One beautiful summer day a detective and his partner were chasing a criminal. When they went thru the forest they came to a shore of a very deep and rough river. The detective came to the only group of people that was on the shore and said that he is looking for a man of their age that went this way.


Young people said that they saw a suspicious man passing by a few minutes ago. They said he jumped into the river, crossed it and in fact getting out of it from the other side this instant.

One of the guys even offered the detective a boat so that he could catch the culprit, but the detective wouldn’t agree, instead he decided to get to know the group of young people a little better. Why do you think detective decided to stay and didn’t follow the criminal?

Answer: As I already mentioned the river was deep and rough so if someone would decide to cross it, they would immediately get drowned so there’s no way the criminal could end up on the other end. All of which indicates that the culprit is among those who tried to mislead the detective.

6th riddle solve

8. Take a good look at this picture and try to answer 6 questions. What’s the name of the girl in headphones? Will employees get the bonus pay? Who is the boss? Where did Bob go? Whom Frank is calling? Who will go on vacation?

amazing riddle

Answers: The girl’s name is Ann; you can see it on the monitor. They will probably get the bonus as the graphic show’s sales growth. The boss is the guy with the mustache, there’s a picture of him with the signature on Bobs desk. Bob went out to get sugar, you can see that the pack is empty. Frank is probably calling his girlfriend because he holds her picture. Bob is taking a vacation; you can see it by the way his desk looks.

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9. To solve this riddle you must think like a true detective! One summer day a detective went to rest at the riverside. When he came, he heard a woman crying and decided to ask her what was wrong.

riddle adult

The lady told him that she came to rest and get some sunlight. She took off her clothes and left her expensive bracelet on the book lying next to her. While relaxing the lady fell asleep for just five minutes. When she woke up the bracelet was gone… After hearing the story out, the inspector started looking at the sand around the lady.

There were no marks or any traces except for the lady’s own footprints. Nobody could come close, otherwise, he would have seen them. After taking a stare at the beach crowd, the inspector quickly found the thief. Can you find the thief?

Answer: The fisherman stole the bracelet. Only he could do that using the rod, without leaving a trace.

10. This my friends are one of the most famous paintings in the world. There can’t be two of those so one must be a forgery. Can you find one essential difference? By the way, don’t you think that Mona Lisa’s smile is kind of weird?

mona lisa difference

Answer: Now let’s see the difference. There. Share how much time it took you to notice the difference.

mona lisa difference found
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