Types of Women to Avoid | You Must Avoid these Types of Women

Types of Women to Avoid

Have you ever been in a relationship or know a girl who at first seemed very sweet gentle feminine all that stuff that we as men love in a woman but then slowly over time as he got to know her more and more.

You realized that she wasn’t who you originally thought she was or worse yet. Maybe you slowly realized that this girl was either downright CRAZY toxic or neurotic.

This is something that almost all guys who are experienced with a woman have gone through. So how can you recognize and avoid these kinds of girls?

Today I’m gonna break down four specific archetypes of toxic women. If you recognize any of these tendencies or characteristics in a girl. I’m not saying you should instantly ignore her but it definitely should raise a red flag.

Types of Women to Avoid - You MUST AVOID these Types of Women

1. Overly Insecure

So the first type of girl you need to avoid is the overly insecure you know that quote:

“what’s love got to do with it if you don’t love yourself?”

I think that’s a quote that should be a here two more you see everyone has two sources of love.

Love that you receive from other people aka your family friends your pet your lover etc and then there’s self-love which comes from an inherent sense of self-worth your self-esteem.

Ideally, emotionally healthy people have both sources of love available to them. They’ve received love from other people but they also love themselves. They know they’re worthy of happiness.

This is so important especially to set boundaries because if you don’t love yourself. You’ll likely let people walk all over you girls who are overly insecure lack the second source of love.

They tend to have very low self-esteem. They don’t think highly of themselves at all they don’t love themselves and as a result, they need to double down on making sure they receive enough love from other people and this is where it becomes problematic if you’re with a girl who suffers from extreme and security.

As a result of a lack of self-love girls who fit this mold are gonna give you an array of problems. They tend to constantly think you’re talking to other girls because subconsciously in her mind.

She’s thinking why wouldn’t you after all she’s not worthy. This will manifest itself as a myriad of problems in a relationship but they’re constantly demanding to check your phone, accusing you of being just like all the other, douche bags or someone who doesn’t care about her after every argument

Dating an overly insecure girl is rarely worth it in my experience. Another tendency that most extremely insecure girls have is that they are very clingy.

I remember one time I was dating a girl Phoebe who was a perfect example of this. I met this girl at a networking event so she seemed level-headed and cool at the time pretty cute as well.

We hit it off great and I convinced her to let me take her out. She lived about an hour and a half or so drive away so not a long distance but we did have to go out of her way to meet up.

The first date went great the vibe between us felt good she reacted well to my flirting and we kissed by the end but then that’s when things started to get weird.

She’d be texting me non-stop and whenever I took more than half an hour or so to respond she’d reply with some passive-aggressive text like oh never mind looks like you were too busy for me or something like that after she added me on Instagram.

She would casually bring up things like oh I see that you just like this girl’s picture don’t you think that’s kind of rude things like that that raised red flags but I didn’t think too much of it at the time since in my mind.

We weren’t even dating after two to three more dates. I recall another incident where she started to demand that I accompany her to do mundane things like grocery shopping or going to the gym with her and again I wouldn’t have minded if we were a couple but keep in mind this was a girl.

I had just met one month prior and lived almost two hours away. Long story short I told her no we got into an argument about me not quote/unquote putting in enough effort and I had to block her from all my social media. Learn a lesson that day to avoid overly clingy or insecure girls.

2. Emotional Baggage Carrier

The second type of girl you need to avoid is the emotional baggage carrier. Listen we all have our unique baggage bad things that happen to us which might have negatively affected our psyche but sometimes you run into a girl who has so much baggage that she’s simply not in an emotionally healthy state of mind.

To be a good girlfriend maybe this girl was cheated on or had a bad relationship with her father so she doesn’t trust men or her ex-boyfriend was abusive to her so she has no idea how to establish boundaries or healthily communicate with you.

Whatever it is you need to be able to identify and avoid women who carry around this excess emotional baggage. When you date a girl carrying around this baggage it can feel like anything you do is wrong and bad.

For Example:

If you disagree with her that might trigger a memory of her abusive ex and therefore she’ll just shut down or get violent or angry.

If you ignore her text once by accident that might trigger another previous memory of abandonment which she’ll likely strongly overreact to and the thing is she’s probably completely oblivious to how crazy she’s coming off as since it all makes sense through her narrative of being hurt before.

Point is for you to have a good relationship with a girl. You need to make sure that she’s dealt with any issues first and if you’re noticing this girl bringing up the past and how ex hurt her this way.

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3. Emotional Manipulator

The third type of woman you need to avoid is the emotional manipulator. I think we’ve all known or dealt with someone who was an emotional manipulator at some point in our lives but in case you haven’t let me paint a picture of a story about one of my buddies Frank.

He once dated this girl Molly that he met on some online dating app when they first met I could tell he was on cloud nine after all she seemed genuinely very sweet and cool.

He’d bring her along to some of her hangouts and she seemed like a perfectly normal girl also with a sense of humor. Two months into dating her however I noticed the honeymoon phase was quickly over.

My friend was starting to act out a bit more around us and he was withdrawing from her group of friends more and more which was weird for someone with his cheery outgoing personality.

So, I asked him what was going on. He told me he was already having some trouble in the relationship. I asked him to clarify and he started telling me all these stories of her using different psychological warfare tactics to get her way in the relationship.

For Example, he told me that when he’d come home from work tired from a long day slaving away at the office. He’d get a text from her demanding him to come over now that he was done with work.

If he ever told her that he was tired or wanted to go to the gym instead she’d freak out she’d yell at him stuff like oh you think you had a tough day.

Today I had to do yada yada yada in other words she had a real nasty habit of taking his problems minimizing it to him like they weren’t actual problems right things that she could just easily dismiss and then she would play up her problems to guilt-trip him and make him seem like a jerk.

She’d also encouraged him to share with her all his feelings and thoughts and then later on whenever they got into arguments. She’d bring up these insecurities or personal things about him to attack him.

Like in an argument about something she rubbed in his face the fact that he couldn’t grow a beard. Even though she knew he was insecure about it well honestly talking about it years later it still takes me off some of the things that she did to my bro.

Eventually, she tried isolating him from his friends so she could have him all to herself. We decided to give him an intervention.

One night I called his phone and said dude you got to come over it’s an emergency at my place were five of his buddies and we all talked him over four hours into breaking up with her.

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4. Karen

Thank goodness he listened and dumped that toxic emotional manipulator and finally the fourth type of woman you need to avoid at all costs is the Karen.

You’ve all heard this phrase recently it’s getting popular online especially with all these articles surfacing of different Karen’s around the world acting, entitled, and unreasonable.

If by some chance you don’t know what a Karen is their women who are rude, obnoxious, and entitled. When most people use the word Karen they picture a middle-aged white woman but in reality, every race or ethnicity has Karen’s.

She’s the type of woman who would call the cops on a third greater selling lemonade on the street because she’s disturbing the peace and doesn’t have a license to do so.

I feel like I don’t need to go much deeper and explain why you must avoid dating Karen’s at all cost.

Seriously just watch the hundreds of videos and articles online of Karen’s threatening to sue someone for a minor misdemeanor or cherishing her ability to make the life of retail workers a living hell by demanding to speak to the manager.

When you date a Karen there’s a pretty high chance that you’re gonna make a fool out of yourself. You know she’ll probably cause a scene somewhere over some small perceived offense in some public venue for no reason and everyone will be staring at you like seriously bro.

Control your girl Karen’s are also by definition very unhappy and defensive when things don’t go their way which will only make your life a living hell.

Any time you get into an argument with her seriously I can already imagine the barrage of nagging and the shrill high-pitched voice she’d used as a verbal weapon.

If she told you to do the dishes and you said no. Karen typically has a bad relationship with their husband since he’s usually apologizing to whoever the victim of Karen’s antics is all of which will probably lead to an expensive divorce.

Long story short the moment you start to notice some Karen like behavior and a girl. I suggest avoiding her like the plague.

So, to summarize the 4 women you need to avoid are:

  1. The overly insecure
  2. The emotional baggage carrier
  3. The manipulator
  4. The Karen

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